UK Low Carbon Environmental Goods and Services Sector

UK 2021 Report - "Where we were, where we are, and where we're going"

Featured in an article in The Guardian reporting on the Green Economy (see link below)

kMatrix has measured and released the UK LCEGS market for 2020/21.  We have freely provided this data, as a result of the Climate Crisis and the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on UK and Global economies.  We have done this, to clarify the impact on the sector, and above all demonstrate activity already present in the market.


The LCEGS sector has been measured using our standard kMatrix definition.  This taxonomy has measured the sector for over a decade and includes 2,769 products and services.  Our report includes data for the top 24 Level 2 sub-sectors. 


It includes annual sales figures to show:

  • the progress between 2007/08 and 2019/20
  • the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020/21
  • forecast sales out to 2025/26


kMatrix measures 226 countries and economic territories, at the regional, sub-regional and city level.  We can provide more detailed data if required, just drop us a line.



Additional notes regarding sector measurements for The Guardian article

The UK LCEGS sector was worth £205.7bn in 2020/21.  For comparison, kMatrix has also measured the ‘pure’ manufacturing sector (excluding assembly), worth £55.6bn and the construction sector to be worth £132.9bn for 2020/21. 


All sectors overlap to some degree, for example, Legal, HR and Maintenance are multi-sector, indeed, the LCEGS sector itself is multi-sector, an example: all sectors require waste management services to varying degrees.  Another example would be Finance, which is relevant to all sectors, but is also a sector in itself.  The measurements for pure manufacturing and construction are provided as an indication of the scale of the LCEGS sector. 


The ‘pure’ manufacturing portion of the LCEGS sector, integral to the sector, equates to approximately £6.8bn or 3.3% of the LCEGS sales.  Conversely, the LCEGS portion of the UK manufacturing sector equates to £6.8bn or 12.2% of the Manufacturing sector.  The same way that a portion of the automotive sector includes manufacturing. 


The purpose of the data is not to act as a national accounting system, the ONS data already provides this, but to be a flexible, usable model of the sector, that can be useful for market intelligence.