Business Recycling

Business Recycling

This is designed to offset the negative impacts of corporate down-sizing or re-location on regional economies by finding alternative business applications for the threatened skills, technology base and real estate.

Impacts from this service are measured in savings on closure budgets, jobs safeguarded/created, square metres of commercial real estate developed, new businesses created and the preservation of corporate reputation.


Examples include a number of relocations or down-sizings in the UK and across Europe for companies like Philips, Sony, Siemans and Marconi.


Marconi was a major telecommunications employer that was planning to rationalise or relocate its activities in the North West. kMatrix and partners were commissioned to explore options that could avoid large scale redundancies that could reach into the 1,000’s.


Through a programme of research that included analysis of international markets, the regional skills base in telecommunications, wider application of the Marconi technology systems and alternative uses of the Marconi real estate a range of alternatives were presented to the company and to the Development Agency.